Short Stories

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"7 Seconds"


It has been a little over a year since the first morning I had to wake up knowing that I would never hear your voice again. Even though the sun was shining I felt the thunderstorm raging inside of my chest like some rank out of control bucking bronc that had thrown my heart at the 7-second mark.

Now, this rodeo is daily buck-off's and tears that I'm positive will follow me through the rest of my days, and I will have constant regrets of the lost years and the words that were never said. You were my greatest love and have been my hardest goodbye, but I get up every day and put my boots on and pull my hat down tight; tie my chaps and saddle up again on this rank old bronc knowing I'll never get the 8-second ride.

Savannah McCann ©

(I do not own this artwork, the artwork is used as a story enhancer only)

Maggie's Star


Maggie's Star written by Savannah McCann. This is the little short ~ short story that started my character Royce McBride, and now I have several short stories I've written of him and he's in Wild Horse Run and soon a novel Maggie's Star featuring his character. You can also find his short stories in my book, "For The Love of Cowboys."




Soaking in the warmth from the evening fire Royce McBride sits a bit relaxing after the long day of herding cattle across the large Wyoming ranch where he is the ranch foreman and oversees the entire cattle operation. The operation runs about 500 head of Angus and Hereford cattle to supply local Wyoming and Montana beef industries. Royce has been a farmhand for as long as he can remember, if you ask him, he'll tell you that he walked out of the womb wearing his boots and spurs.


He lost his wife to cancer 5 years ago and has never chased any other women. He tells anyone that asks why he hasn't remarried that his wife Maggie was a handful firecracker and she wore him plumb out, but he's somewhat afraid that she'd haunt him if she sees him with another woman, that girl, well...she was the jealous kind. The other farmhands laugh at his sense of humor and his jokes and little life euphemisms, but they respect him completely because he's tough as nails and doesn't take any guff from no ranch hand or run of the mill wannabe cowboy.


Royce sits and ponders on his life while watching the flames dance. He sips his whiskey with a splash of coffee from his cup and swallows down the harshness of the Hennessey whiskey and exhales his frustrations and hard work of the day. He hears the cows rustling and moo'ing and its music to his ears and knows he'd not get a good night's rest without the sound of ranch life and cattle surrounding him like an old wool sock that itches his skin but at the same time he enjoys the feel.


The evening is starting to turn to night and the stars will be making their appearance real soon filling up the night sky and when that happens he'll find Maggie's star, tell her goodnight darlin' and drink the rest of his whiskey then turn into bed knowing that the ranch will be calling his name at daybreak and Maggie will kiss his rugged crow's feet wrinkled eyes with the sun shining on him in the morning as he climbs on his horse to start his day.


Savannah McCann©

(I do not own this artwork, the artwork is used as a story enhancer only)

Ranch Hand Charlie


Mid-Morning meeting with Charlie the trusted rancher's right hand; the rancher confirming they have a day filled with herding the new ranch cattle to the chutes with the other farmhands for branding and tagging. Charlie sits eager, waiting for his "Get em' Up!" orders, but in the meantime, he is soaking in all of the rancher's duties for the day and Charlie, won't disappoint.


The rancher and Charlie go back about 5 years and from the first time Charlie hit the ground running as a young pup, he knew exactly what his jobs are and how to do them; his instinct was extraordinary and the rancher knew all of those years ago, that he'd have a trusty ranch hand to help him run things.


Charlie watches over his rancher while they wrangle cattle and ride the ranch checking fences, so when the day of work is done they can have a lazy evening on the porch while the rancher drinks his sweet tea and Charlie lays loyal next to his worn-out boots that the ranch wears day in and day out. Those boots can tell a story all by themselves of this life and the blood sweat and tears it takes to build a cattle ranch and keep it going day after day.


After his tea is finished, the rancher bends down and pats Charlie on top of his head and says, "well Charlie boy, we better hit the sack because morning comes quick and the cows won't wait." Charlie nudges the rancher's hand as if to say, "all right Sir, I'll be ready.

"Savannah McCann ©

(I do not own this artwork, the artwork is used as a story enhancer only)