Savannah's Book Reviews


Goodreads 5 Star Review for The Ranch Book 1 of Wild Horse Run Series ~


I highly recommend reading this series. It's a page turner! The characters are extremely likeable and relatable plus the story is set in one of the most beautiful states in America, Montana. The love story draws you in as Levi and her new cowboy Checker make a go at blending their families. The determination of keeping a promise of herding wild horse through two states is intriguing and I'm looking forward to see how this series plays out. This book is terrific, I felt as though I was in Montana on this ranch surrounded by handsome cowboys and beautiful horses!


Bookbub 5 Star Review for Burn the Breeze of Wild Horse Run Series ~


This is an extraordinary book! Savannah McCann outdid herself with this novel! It has everything in book three of this exciting ranch life series! You'll find heart-tugging romance, heart-pounding adventure, and even a tragic twist that I didn't see coming! I'm loving all of the new characters and their personalities especially Gentry which is a tall drink of water with a whiskey chaser. Birdie's character really came out of her shell and kept me laughing with her flirty style. I love Bristol, she's tough and I'm looking forward to where the story takes her future. This is a MUST read - a highly enjoyable page-turner and I'm chomping at the bit for book 4 to release! 

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Goodreads 5 Star Review for Reckless Book 2 of Wild Horse Run Series ~

This is one ADVENTUROUS read! I couldn't put the book down from the moment I started reading! I love how tough Levi’s character is especially in the ranching lifestyle, she's tough as nails and that is inspiring for any woman. The grueling trail ride in this book gives me a new respect for cowboys and what they endure to run a ranch and break horses among injuries they suffer and they take it all in stride and keep pushing forward. Wild Horse Run is my new favorite series I'm thrilled a friend referred it to me. I'm off to read the next book! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! EXCELLENT SERIES! 

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Goodreads 5 Star Review for Chasing That Red Dirt Road ~


Chasing that Red Dirt Road is a wonderful heartfelt 'will she, wont she' story about Maddison and Hatch who seem destined to be together.... or maybe not? I enjoyed the chasing of ones dreams aspect to the story and the characters musical talent. Another enjoyable read from Savannah McCann.

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Amazon 4 Star Review for The Calm Before The Storm Book 1 of Texas Morning Sun Series ~


If you like hunky cowboys, sassy cowgals, a boozin' good time, a spiteful ex, and a love story the size of Texas, this book is for you.
It's a saga that will keep you guessing, "Who gets the guy?" Will Macy's perseverance and true love win Ethan back or will revenge of the baby mama ruin him forever?
Grab a copy and find out!

Bookbub 5 Star Review for The Calm Before The Storm ~

Again, this author totally blew me away with another great novel. This book has so many levels and twists and turns that grab your heart and ties you into knots then jolts you into another storm the main character Macy faces. My heart ached for Macy and for Ethan but I grew a love for both of these amazing characters. I highly recommend this book and I'm ready to read the second book to find out the fate of Amber, she's awful by the way. Definitely, looking forward to more books by Savannah McCann, I can see her becoming a Best Selling Author once she is discovered.


(Texas Morning Sun Book 1)

Barnes & Noble 5 Star Review for The Calm Before The Storm ~

Love This Book! MUST Read!

I bought this book in paperback and once I received it I couldn't put it down! The cover is beautiful. I was drawn into this book from the moment I started reading and stayed up all night just to finish. The love between Macy and Ethan is inspiring and heartbreaking keeping you on the edge of your seat! I enjoyed all of the characters and the book is set up nicely for each character to continue the series; my least favorite character is Amber, but I will have to wait to find out her fate. HIGHLY Recommend this book and author!

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Bookbub 5 Star Review for Molly's Wyoming ~


This is such a wonderful book even though it is tragic in many ways. Heartbreaking almost from the beginning, but a MUST read. My heart goes out to Trevor and Molly and all they endured from Lynn. Another amazing book by this author! I highly recommend it!!

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Bookbub 5 Star Review for The Love of Cowboys ~


I enjoyed this book from cover to cover! I couldn't put it down! LOVE the cowboy character Royce and can't wait to read more of his adventures. I have read a few of Savanna's books and each one of them will draw you in and you feel as though you are right there in the midst of the action with horses or the heartbreak or love of characters; she is definitely a wonderful up and coming, new author!


Amazon 5 Stars Review for Adventures of Clover & Daisy ~

The little cowgirl that could. Daisy and Clover are the cutest sidekicks ever! I know we're not "supposed" to judge a book by its cover but heck, I just had to get this one based on the adorable duo.

In a tale of true grit, ten-year-old Daisy's determination in helping Granddad herd Ms. Hazel's foster horses across the dangerous plains leads to a lesson in confidence, blossoming Daisy's other dreams and possibilities too! This is an endearing story and makes Daisy an important role model for young girls, and boys too!

Bookbub 5 Star Review for River's Magic Paw ~ 


Love love love this children's book! It is fantastic and is inspiring! Perfect for any girl or boy to read and I love the anti-bullying message! All of the characters are heartwarming and courageous.

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I laughed uncontrollably reading Cowboy Grit! Chase and Darby are hilarious, this is the BEST romantic comedy I've ever read! I did love the twist of suspense I wasn't expecting that and the hot romantic scenes will make your heart race keeping your undivided attention, I promise. The characters are wonderful and engaging, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Excited to see what happens between Novah and Trevor. Savannah is a gem and I enjoy reading all of her books. ~ BOOKBUB 5 STAR REVIEW