• Savannah McCann

Molly's Wyoming New Cover!

I recently redesigned Molly's Wyoming cover, I wanted something brighter! I hope ya'll love the new cover and enjoy the novel!

Book Blurb:

Molly's mother left when Molly was three years old to run off with a rancher from Wyoming that she had started an affair with several years prior after meeting him at a horse training event. One fall afternoon, her mother packed up without a care in the world and left Molly, her brother, and her father behind in Central Oregon while she drove to Wyoming to spend her life with the secret family she had created over the years. As fate would have it, her mother had a karma check that came due; an accident claimed her oldest daughter's life, forcing many years of secrets to come to the surface that her mother tried to drown.

Unfortunately, years later, Molly suffered the loss of her father when he was killed in a building fire while he was on duty with the local fire department; thus, Molly's forced to her mother's home after the death. Once arriving in Wyoming, Molly's mother is unmoved by her young daughter's presence in her life and tells her to keep out of her way. One afternoon Molly snuck out of her bedroom window and went into the barn, and standing in a stall was the most magnificent horse that she had ever seen. Day after day, she's climbed out her window to visit the horse until one day she fell asleep inside the stall, and her mother found her; grabbing her up by her arm, her mother screaming told her she was to stay away from the horse! Molly crushed hides in her room until one day, she braves seeing the horse again and uncovers the secrets surrounding the horse and the sister she never knew she had. Will Molly's mother's icy heart warm towards her daughter, or will she let her loss get the best of her?

Mildly erotic.

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