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Burn the Breeze, book three in the Wild Horse Run series is available now on Amazon on Kindle and in Paperback!

"Learning to forgive is hard even for a cowboy like me." ~ Wrangler McBride

After the recent news breaks about Levi's daughter, Stetson, the cowboys gather at the main barn, setting their plan into place to ride out into the darkness up the mountain and into the danger zone of the grizzly bear, mountain lion, and wolf territories with the Montana weather not on their side. They've saddled their horses with rifles, rain gear, and supplies and are off to tackle the latest mission on the ranch.

Levi has a gut-check moment as she realizes she has been too lenient with her daughter Stetson; Levi now has a decision to make that's a heart wrenching one for her personally but knows she must do it!

Checker hires more ranch hands before winter arrives in Montana fashion to take on the ranch tasks with the cattle, fence mending, and the horse breeding operation. One of the newly hired ranch hands joining the bunkhouse is Wrangler McBride, Royce's son, who is quite a cowboy in his own right. It's no secret that Royce and his son haven't spoken in many years. Will the job bring the two men back together? Can Royce and Wrangler put their misunderstanding about Maggie in the past and move forward for the sake of the ranch, or will Wrangler continue to hold onto years of resentment towards his father, making both of their jobs harder or will his heart soften towards Royce and understand his father's choice regarding Maggie.

Are Levi, Checker, and the cowboys prepared for the harsh Montana winter Mother Nature has in store for them this year? How will Evan's Ranch fair with their cattle and horses while enduring the frigid cold elements and the blizzards blasting over Paradise Valley this year? Bundle up, pull your cowboy hat down tight and get ready for another Wild Horse Run adventure with all of your favorite characters and newly added ones!

Step into the lives of the newly added characters of Wrangler McBride, Bristol Ryan, Jolene Coy, Gentry Nash, and Declan Ryan; these characters have brought a deeper storyline of love, loyalty, forgiveness, and tragedy to the Evans Ranch and Wild Horse Run series.

Click link to purchase your copy TODAY! Books 1-3 must be read in sequence.

The Ranch & Reckless, Books 1 & 2 Link:

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