• Savannah McCann

8 Second Ride ~ Pre Order

8 SECOND RIDE is another cowboy novel by Author Savannah McCann this story will draw you in and shake your very soul as you collide with Noah's guilt and Lily's heartbreak.

"It's time to cowboy up, but how do I do that without her?"

Noah Kade is a local champion bull rider in his hometown in Northern Idaho. Noah is faced with the biggest tragedy of his life when his wife Hannah is killed at the rodeo in Caldwell four years after their daughter is born. Noah struggles with his life, his faith, how to be a single dad, and becoming a champion bull rider again; he doesn't know if he can do it without Hannah; she was his childhood best friend and his one true love.

Can Noah get his life together and become the dad his daughter Lily desperately needs, or will Noah slip back to the whiskey bottle and forget his life and rodeo altogether, leaving Lily to be raised by her grandparents? Does Noah have enough grit left to conquer his demons and rise above his heartbreak and forgive God for taking Hannah away from him, or will he let himself falter and fail the ultimate task placed at his feet?

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Novel releases November 27, 2021 on KU, Kindle and in Paperback.

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