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When 10-year-old Daisy learns that Miss Hazel the owner of the pony rescue that borders the backside of her grandfather's 15,000-acre ranch in Montana has passed away and there are 12 ponies that don't have homes and are going to be taken to auction within 14 days, Daisy pleads with her grandfather to let her rescue the ponies and bring them to the ranch where Daisy was raised and give her time to find them forever homes. Daisy's grandfather Houston made a deal with Daisy that if she will help him drive the pony herd from Miss Hazel's farm onto their ranch he will help her rescue them. Daisy agrees and shakes her grandfather's hand! Saddle up with Daisy and her horse Clover as they embark on this gigantic adventure with her grandfather Houston as they rescue 12 ponies and drive them across Southwest Montana terrain to their ranch!

Ember is an 8-year-old girl with a great big personality and the heart of an adventurer. She is a creative loving girl that would rather have animals as her friends than people. Ember's mother left when she was five and she is being raised by her father Luke and her grandmother Norah on their family farm in Montana. One rainy afternoon while doing her chores Ember is informed by her dog Skeeter that there is a trapped puppy under the porch of the barn facing the rising creek. Ember runs to rescue the puppy and that is when her adventure with River begins. River is fun and high energy and boy does she love to run and she can run really fast! Ember tells River that she has a magic paw and that is why she runs so fast and can beat all of the horses on their farm. She is so sure that there is something magical about her new dog that she is trying to figure out a way for River to race the fastest dog in the county; a champion Greyhound named Oliver. Ember and her best friend Frankie put their heads together and start the mission to bring attention to River and how fast she can run in hopes to convince Oliver's owner that River is worthy of the race. Ember and Frankie invite you to join them on their big adventure with River and fall in love with all of their barnyard friends!